Stats: 5'8"   142 lbs.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Local Hire: Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas

Actor, Michael Mulkey co-stars in the hit televisison series, The Last Ship, playing a brave, dependable sailor who helps save his shipmates, risking his life warning others of dangers to come. He can also be seen in the nationally airing PetSmart commercails called "Puppies Will be Puppies".


Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia he grew up watching westerns and WWII movies with his grandfather ("Paw Paw") on TBS.  His love for stories began sitting with Paw Paw for hours in his den with the TV, talking about Paw Paw's WWII service, and hearing fascinating tales of their family's Native American background.


Michael loved sports and played many of them, but it was baseball and wrestling that really took hold throughout high school.  But despite being an athlete, the storytelling seed was watered when he took his first drama class.  Something felt different.  He went on to receive a wrestling scholarship to college, attending the University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky.  While in college, Michael once again found himself in another drama class.  The seed that had been planted in high school began to take root.  Upon returning to Atlanta from college and embarking on a career in sales, he found himself unfulfilled in his successes.  The leaves sprung out with clarity; he packed up his things and headed for Los Angeles.


In Los Angeles, Michael followed his passion to the Arts District in downtown LA where X Rep. Theatre became his creative home.  There, he received conservatory theatre training, and had the opportunity to play many diverse parts in a variety of plays.  While at X Rep., Michael worked on short films and eventually began producing and acting in his own work.  He then trained at the Larry Moss Studio at Edgemar getting more adept at on-camera work to prepare for a translation from stage to screen.  After finishing Larry Moss, he continued to hone his craft at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Hollywood.  Michael soaked up the special opportunity to work with teachers steeped in the long tradition of Stella Adler's Technique, many of whom worked and learned from Stella herself.  Michael began his professional career while still at Stella's, booking his first National commercial and eventually going on his first "Big Studio" audition.


Michael is currently enjoying exerising (and flexing) his improv muscles at Upright Citizens Brigade and living the life of an auditioning actor in Los Angeles.  Look for his next turn in the spy thriller "Till Death Do Us Part", where he'll play a CIA agent who must search for the ties that bind with his wife, when lines are blurred between family loyalty and duty to country.



2010 - present

2010 - present

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